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Youth2Industry College caters for students who have vocational aspirations and are seeking tailored support with their learning program. Students have typically struggled with traditional educational settings and require additional support with their senior school studies in a non-competitive environment.

Unlike many educational institutions, Youth2Industry College does not charge student fees as we believe that financial barriers should not hinder a student’s access to the education they deserve. Therefore, as a not-for-profit organisation, this means all resources including excursions, materials, VET program tuition fees and laptops are covered by the school.

As we enter our third year, we are proud to have witnessed numerous success stories among our students. From overcoming school refusal to their now flourishing attendance rates and securing full-time apprenticeships, our students have demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience. Our recent data shows that 42% of students have finished their education and transitioned into employment, 43% pursued further study and 5% have progressed to VCE.

Your donation plays a crucial role in sustaining our school and supporting these inspiration success stories. By contributing to Youth2Industry College, you are not only investing in the future of our students but also in the well-being of Australia’s youth. Your generosity enables us to continue providing a nurturing and safe environment where students can flourish.