Independent Schools Victoria recently visited Youth2Industry College for a filming day, capturing the nurturing atmosphere and unique educational setting offered at our senior school. The visit was part of their ongoing ‘Inside Our Schools‘ series, showcasing the diverse range of schools within it.

The filming day was exciting for our young people, as they participated in various activities, demonstrating the engaging learning environment Y2IC offers. Three of our VCE-VM 3&4 students were also chosen to speak to camera and talk about their experiences at Youth2Industry College. They talked about how this alternative school is different to their previous educational experiences, how it has assisted their learning and what they like most about being a student there.

The video series, ‘Inside Our Schools’, captures the unique spirit of each school through the authentic voices of students, principals and teachers. Principal, Tom Witenden, and teacher, Camilo Perez, both speak to camera, giving an overview of what it’s like to work there, the school’s values and philosophy, and the vision of what the school aims to provide its young people who may be at risk of disengaging with education.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as our students and staff loved participating in it, as the filming day was not only an opportunity to showcase the school that we are all so proud to be a part of, but a chance for our community to come together and celebrate Youth2Industry College.

We invite you to watch and experience the supportive environment of Youth2Industry College through the lens of Independent Schools Victoria and their ‘Inside Our Schools’ series.