Youth2Industry College proudly releases its new Principal Welcome Video featuring Tom Witenden.

Tom was appointed as the Principal of Youth2Industry College at the beginning of 2024. He brings with him a wealth of experience, supported with university qualifications in commerce, education, leadership and management. For over a decade he has enjoyed leading, educating, learning from and learning with young people. Particularly those with added situational and personal challenges and vulnerabilities.

Tom’s dedication to education is evident in his approach and philosophy. Seeing young people feel empowered and proud is what drives him. He believes in building positive relationships, in providing opportunities that are relevant and connected and in the power of mastery, autonomy and purpose. His approach is trauma informed, strength focused and based on restorative principles.

What gets Tom motivated? A quote from Rob Hopkins sums it up perfectly – “If you design a system to do something specific, don’t be surprised if it does it” (Hopkins, 2019). ‘I truly believe that there has never been a more important time to rehumanize education, to reshape the narrative, and to give our young people the tools to do it.’

Please enjoy our Principal Welcome Video below, offering a glimpse into Tom’s vision and the exciting journey ahead for Y2IC.