Youth2Industry College finished Term 2 with an exciting event as the Cracked Actors students performed their one-off play for the school!

The students participated in the ‘Introduction to Theatre Making: From Page to Stage’ program with the Cracked Actors Theatre – CAT in Albert Park. The program provided them with the opportunity to explore all essential components needed to produce a play.

At the beginning of this 10-week program, students were introduced to the workplace through Theatre Safety Rules, Theatre Etiquette, and Theatre History & Origins. Throughout their time at the Cracked Actors Theatre, they explored 6 theatre making components. This included, Pre-production, Production, Directorial, Technical & Creative Process, Managerial & Marketing. Giving the students an understanding of the relationship between skills, knowledge, and capabilities in a working theatre.

The program allowed our young people to choose their preferred roles within the production process. Whether they wanted to act or work behind the scenes, students took on a variety of responsibilities. They learned about the tasks of producing, directing, set design, costume design, makeup, sound, and lighting. This hands-on experience was invaluable in helping them appreciate the collaborative nature of theatre production.

Well done to everyone involved in the production of ‘Fifteen Minute Hamlet’. It was a fantastic afternoon watching out students thrive both on stage and behind the scenes.

A special thank you to everyone from CAT, a wonderful local theatre company that have done a fantastic job empowering our students over the past couple of years. We can’t wait for our next school production!

You can find out more about all programs offered, including enrichment, at Youth2Industry College HERE.